In honor of the 50th anniversary, here’s links to all of the Classic Doctor Who episodes! Doctors One through Eight are featured here! Enjoy, everyone! If any of the links are broken, please let me know.

Season One (First Doctor)
Season Two (First Doctor)
Season Three (First Doctor)
Season Four (First and Second Doctor)
Season Five (Second Doctor)
Season Six (Second Doctor)
Season Seven (Third Doctor)
Season Eight (Third Doctor)
Season Nine (Third Doctor)
Season Ten (Third Doctor)
Season Eleven (Third Doctor)
Season Twelve (Fourth Doctor)
Season Thirteen (Fourth Doctor)
Season Fourteen (Fourth Doctor)
Season Fifteen (Fourth Doctor)
Season Sixteen (Fourth Doctor)
Season Seventeen (Fourth Doctor)
Season Eighteen (Fourth Doctor)
Season Nineteen (Fifth Doctor)
Season Twenty (Fifth Doctor)
Season Twenty-One (Fifth and Sixth Doctor)
Season Twenty-Two (Sixth Doctor)
Season Twenty-Three (Sixth Doctor)
Season Twenty-Four (Seventh Doctor)
Season Twenty-Five (Seventh Doctor)
Season Twenty-Six (Seventh Doctor)
Doctor Who movie (Eighth Doctor)
Movie Specials



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10 things to a happier you

1. Stop, and sit up straight, walk proud and fix your posture, you’d be surprised what a little straightening could do to your attitude and day.
2. Stop, stressing over people that aren’t stressing over you, people come and go. there is 7 billon people in this world. Why would one significant person have to change your mood or outlook on life.
3. Stop, stressing over eating 4 recesses cups or a ton of things off the dollar menu at mcdonalds. You will lose that weight eventually, enjoy being able to smell and taste food, it’s a glorious thing.
4. Stop, stressing over grades, a couple F’s and one or two failed classes are going to be the least of your worries in 5 years.
5. Stop, and think will I be thinking about this certain problem in 5 years, if not, don’t worry about it, things will always resolve themselves.
6. Stop, watching netflix and go outside for 15 minutes, breathe fresh air, even if it’s rain or shine your lungs will thank you greatly and try and enjoy every sunny day possible, those are usually the greatest days.
7. Stop, and tell your friends and family you love them and tell them where you would like to stand with them in the near future, plan a dinner date with your grandparents even if the same shit they talk about is how 1950 was the greatest time to be around. you never know if they will be around tomorrow.
8. Stop, and smile at random strangers, even if they don’t smile back, reassure them and yourself there is still some happiness in the world.
9. Stop, and write journal entires from time to time each week, your 30 year old self will appreciate all the memories your brain forgets after periods of times, plus it will be great to share with your kids and remember to not be so hard on them when they feel upset or don’t want to talk to you. You will forget how a teenager's mind works.
10. Stop, and never change for anyone, be happy with what you were given and use it to its full extent. Push yourself in life and strive to be the best you can possibly be, hey you never know if reincarnation exists, enjoy this one life.